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неправда :D я предпочитаю технику, чем заковыристее, тем лучше :crazy:

You Should Work With Both People and Things

You are a multi-talented person who does best in many roles. In fact, you don't like to be stuck doing one thing for too long.

You do best in a job that allows you to connect with people ... while still having some time to yourself to build on your skills.

You would excel in a teaching job of any sort - from college professor to corporate trainer to Montessori teacher.

You'd also do well as a physician or health care professional. Or even as a food writer or chef!

где-то я это уже видела...

Your Gemstone is Amethyst

Dignified, impressive, and wise.

You have a deeply spiritual soul

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You Like Personalized Presents

You love gifts that are specific to your interests and wants in life. You love anything that's thoughtful and not generic.

You may be picky about the gifts you like, but you aren't hard to shop for. You let people know who you are and what sort of things you love.

Nothing tickles you more than when a gift giver knows you better than you know yourself. You like gifts that people spend some time selecting.

You love to get something you would have bought for yourself... if only you had thought of it first!

@музыка: Pierrot - Vanity Dance

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@музыка: Rasen Virus

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О чем расскажет ваша маска

скрытность необязательно означает ложь :attr:

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You Are Aloe Vera Scented Lotion

You are good at nurturing and soothing. You take care of yourself and of others well.

You are a good listener and very supportive. You know just what to say to put others at ease.

You try to keep your burden on others to a minimum. You like to be self-sufficient and to solve your own problems.

You succeed at having a calming influence on those around you. You let the people you love know that everything is going to be okay.

@музыка: D - Rebellion

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@музыка: Asagi - Unknown

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@музыка: Domestic Child - shunkan

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@музыка: Lareine - Je T'aime

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я хотела стать хирургом... причем именно нейрохирургом! в итоге действительно оказалась в медицине. И я действительно считаю, что есть смысл бороться до конца.

@музыка: Ayumi Hamasaki - Sexy Little Things

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да, до недавнего времени я так думала :laugh: не столько боюсь критики, сколько боюсь ошибиться, хотя пора бы уже понять, что, в принципе, никому особо нет дела... в хорошем смысле слова :D но честно стараюсь бороться с излишней стеснительностью :vict:

@музыка: Deshabillz - Carry

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тумблер порадовал обилием Хакуэ

у меня получилось: Жди встречи с новой любовью. Внезапно обрадует романтика, любовь или интрижка. :laugh:
* * *
о работе

@музыка: Luna Sea - Rosier

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Your Fall Fragrance is Traditional

You love fall, but you don't go out of your way to proclaim your excitement about it.

Instead, this is a time of quiet contemplation for you. You appreciate being able to slow down and savor the season.

You don't feel pressured to do it all during autumn. Instead, you focus on the few things that give you the most joy.

You are attracted to traditional, comforting fall smells. You can't get enough pumpkin, apple, and vanilla this time of year.

@музыка: D - Koori no Hakajirushi

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рановато, но пусть

А каким год будет для вас?">

@музыка: Phantasmagoria - Unknown Zero Distance

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@музыка: Penicillin - CRASH

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You Are Venice

Your idea of romance is simple, quaint, and old fashioned. You don't need much to feel romantic.

For you, it's all about the perfect setting - and you'd love the feeling of walking the canals of Venice.

Your date doesn't have to go over the top to impress you. Memories are made is the most unlikely situations.

You rather be enjoying one another's company in a little restaurant than living it up in the big city.

@музыка: Je*Reviens - Froth in the Jewel (Reprise)

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@музыка: Ayumi Hamasaki - Love Song

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Твоя Удача живет… в Маяке
Твоя удача не напрасно выбрала для поселения маяк. Она убеждена, что лучший способ напомнить тебе о себе – это Знак. Можно сказать, при встрече с тобой твоя Удача начинает подпрыгивать, подмигивать и махать руками: «Вот она я!! Смотри!!» Или же наоборот: «Не ходи туда! Не делай этого!! Я же ясно тебе показываю!!» У твоей Удачи большие ушки на макушке и превосходное чутье, в этом изменчивом мире она моментально ловит тенденцию. Вопрос в том, чтобы научиться замечать ее знаки и сигналы. В случайном обрывке разговора. В бросившейся в глаза картине или сценке на улице. Во внезапном головокружении, тошноте или наоборот – вспышке беспричинной радости. Ее маяк оповестит тебя и об опасности, и о нужном направлении – только умей рассмотреть его вовремя.

Пройти тест

@музыка: Buck-Tick - M.A.D.

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@музыка: Syndrome - Sayoshigure

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You Are Dessert

You are a sensitive person. You notice everything and feel with all of your senses.

While you are more susceptible to pain, you are also more susceptible to pleasure. And you love dessert!

You are a dreamer who doesn't like ordinary ways of living. You're crazy enough to order dessert before or instead of dinner.

You believe in treating yourself and being a little indulgent every now and then. You like your life to be full of delight.

@музыка: Deshabillz - Tsubakiiro no Hohoemi

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blogthings радует

реактивное сердечкообразие регионарных лимфоузлов

You Are White Tea

You are a gentle person who tends to prefer quiet and contemplation over excitement and action.

You have always naturally been lower energy, and you even have slowed down more as you have matured. You like to savor.

You look for quality in all aspects of your life. You intuitively understand people and appreciate authentic relationships.

Like white tea, you are subtle and unveil yourself slowly. You have a depth that others take time to discover.

You Are Dishwashing

You are a careful and consistent person. You avoid mistakes and errors better than most people.

You can be trusted with sensitive information and breakable things. You are very gentle.

You're the type who enjoys washing dishes, especially by hand. You enjoy the solitude and repetition.

You are focused and dedicated. You don't mind a little hard work, especially if it's for a good reason.

@музыка: Lunatica - Elements

@темы: meme

Fire of Universe