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вроде было уже что-то подобное, но пусть будет

@музыка: Buck-Tick - Miss Take

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20.06.2014 в 20:08
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20.06.2014 в 15:16
Пишет ~loony_loner~:

20.06.2014 в 14:24
Пишет Зой_Огненая_Сакура:

1) Сделайте в дневнике такую запись
<*font color="username"><*b>username<*/b><*/font>
2) Уберите *
3) Впишите вместо "yourusername" свой ник латинскими буквами, если в нике два и более слов их надо написать слитно или через _ .
4) Посмотрите, какого вы цвета!


вот почему-то так и знал

URL записи

URL записи

крошка Джейн

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@музыка: Penicillin - Confessions

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Beauty Energizes You

You see the world as a delightful and magical place. And there is something beautiful around every corner.

You can find many types of beauty in this world, but it brings you down to be around ugliness and messiness of any sort.

Simply freshening things up makes you feel more alive. You like a gorgeous view, fresh flowers, or even a well organized desk.

At core, you are an idealist, and beauty is just one way of representing our ideals. It inspires you to see life at its best.

@музыка: Buck-Tick - Kick (Daichi wo keru otoko)

@темы: meme


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Your Wild Side is a Pisces

Your wild side may not seem that wild to outsiders, but you know how truly crazy you can be... in a good way.
You are wildly creative and expressive. You have an unique view on the world, and you need an outlet for it.
You may not act out or take noticeable risks, but that doesn't mean you're boring. You have a fascinating life that you mostly keep to yourself.
You are the type of person who thinks most wild stuff is mostly a distraction. Your type of wild is deeper and more permanent.

@музыка: Ayumi Hamasaki - Ourselves

@темы: meme


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@музыка: D - Crimson Fish

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я тоже побежал

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но немного другой дорогой
за ссылку спасибо ~ Roxy :heart:

@музыка: machine - Soldier

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@музыка: Lareine

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You Are an Accidental Hero

You never mean to be a hero, and you definitely don't consider yourself one. You're just an everyday person.

What you may not realize is that you're quite heroic at times. You are willing to help out and take responsibility.

By being in the right place at the right time, you are often an everyday hero by doing the right thing.

People have been touched by your actions in ways you may not know about. You have been a hero to many without meaning to be.

кажется, результат вполне подходит :laugh:

@музыка: Buck-Tick - Misshitsu

@темы: meme


еще один

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Тест: Эмоциональный коэффициент

Ваш результат: .

У вас высокий уровень эмоционального интеллекта. Это преимущество позволяет вам приспосабливаться к любой ситуации. Вы по-настоящему понимаете себя на телесном и интуитивном уровне, а это нечто гораздо большее, чем «знание себя», основанное на самонаблюдении и рефлексии. Ваше «Я» – ваш партнер. Вы хорошо владеете собой и большую часть времени находитесь в ровном и позитивном расположении духа. Ваши отношения с другими людьми содержательны, вы используете свои эмоции и интуицию для того, чтобы понять их и окружающий вас мир.
Пройти тест "Эмоциональный коэффициент" на psychologies.ru

ну... да, наверное *пожимает плечами*

@музыка: Penicillin - Music of the Fight

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You Should Play Classical Piano

You are the type of person who makes things happen. You are a doer.

You have a vision of how your life should be. And you plan on getting there one day.

You are a very inspiring person. You show others that dreams can come true.

You're the type of person who does everything well. You are careful not to brag too much.

кто бы сомневался! :vict:


@музыка: Penicillin - Galaxy Train

@настроение: лирическое

@темы: meme


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А какой цветок вы?
толкование точно путаное :laugh:


@музыка: Toshihiko Sahashi - Tsuna Awakens

@темы: жж, meme, diary



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Your Mind is Spontaneous

Your thinking can be a bit scattered and crazy, but it's worth it for the flashes of insight that you get.

You're not a linear thinker, and you don't try to fit into any normal mode. You know you need freedom to think well.

You thrive in an unstructured environment. Very little of your best thinking is done behind a desk.

You don't sweat details or processes. Everything seems to work out in the end if you're open and flexible.

@музыка: D - Memento ~Kaze no Rapier~ (Voiceless)

@темы: meme


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А что необходимо вам?

я уже... отдушин вагон и маленькая тележка, даже кот есть :vict:

@музыка: Je*Reviens - Froth in the Jewel (Reprise)

@темы: diary, meme, жж


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You Are Genuine

You are focused and inner-directed. You know who are, and you live a very authentic life.

You are quite modest and never too in love with yourself. You aren't perfect, and you don't take yourself too seriously.

You are more ambitious than you let on. You strive to be better without beating up on yourself.

You are highly effective, and others have taken notice. People want to be like you when they see who you really are.

да мне просто свежие ягодки понравились :shy:

@музыка: mantus - Dies Irae

@темы: meme


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Your Power Word is ENHANCE

You are quite perceptive and effective in all aspects of life. You make things better, a little at a time.

You just follow your intuition in life, and your own voice is the most powerful one you know.

You don't overwhelm yourself with big dreams or aspirations. Instead, you are a big believer in incremental change.

If you can make anyone's day better (including your own), then it's a day that's well lived.

@музыка: Buck-Tick - My Eyes and Your Eyes

@темы: meme


стащила у ~Roxy

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@музыка: Je*Reviens - Froth in the Jewel

@темы: diary, meme


прошлась по избранному, утащила тесты

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@музыка: Phantasmagoria - Kyousokyouku ~Variant Jihad~

@темы: meme, diary


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стырено у candyholic


Зверь, музыка, свобода :vict:

еще один из той же оперы

@музыка: ELO - Rock'n'Roll is King

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You Should Have a Green Name

You are down to earth, and even maybe a bit of a hippie. You are full of good vibes and compassion for the world.

You live by your convictions, and you try to set a good example for others. You believe it's important to walk your talk.

Your key to happiness is gratitude and keeping things simple. You love and appreciate the natural world more than most people.

Natural names like Jasmine, Leif, Sage, Oak, Meadow, Forrest, Skye, Clay, and Ivy would suit you.

можно сказать, угадали :flower:

@музыка: Pierrot - Psychedelic Lover

@темы: meme


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You Are Intuitive

You are very sensitive and in tune with the world around you. You feel deeply.

You cherish beauty and artistic expression. You can be quite emotional at times.

You don't mind being vulnerable with others. You wear your heart on your sleeve and can be quite revealing.

You are a dreamer, and there's so much in this world that captures your imagination. Lost in thought, you can seem a bit mysterious to others.

*поет* rainy eyes zutto zutto kono mama... ~o~ :laugh:

@музыка: Phantasmagoria - ..Lost in thought

@темы: meme

Fire of Universe